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Dr. John-Luke Addison

Dr. John-Luke Addison is a San Diego, California-based pianist, music director, conductor, composer, and teacher. He has been music director or pianist for several international professional theatrical productions, choirs, and churches, and has had published compositions performed internationally, including by the Canadian Opera Company and San Francisco Opera Company, Shaw Festival, The Greater San Diego Music Coterie, and numerous theatrical and choral organizations. John-Luke completed his Doctorate in Music Composition through the University of Oxford (in affiliation with the Graduate Theological Foundation), and did his other graduate work at York University in Toronto, studying composition. After spending the first portion of his life in Canada, he moved to San Diego in 2018 with his wife, Michelle.​


As a pianist, John-Luke excels in both classical and contemporary work, with a high aptitude for expression and improvisation. John-Luke's wide experience in many realms of music, from theatre to church, makes him a versatile artist with competency across multiple genres. As a conductor, John-Luke is a dynamic leader, and directs ensembles with passion, animation, and precision, while achieving high artistic success. As a composer, John-Luke specializes in music that creates emotional and imaginative characters, with a sensitivity to color, balance, and texture. From choral music to symphonic or keyboard, John-Luke's compositional portfolio portrays refined imagery and narrates intricate stories. After serving on faculty at York University and Sheridan College in Canada, John-Luke opened a teaching studio in San Diego to continue educating students and sharing his knowledge and passion with young musicians.​ John-Luke is an avid athlete, reader, cook, and traveler, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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